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Commercial Fleet Painting

If you have a commercial fleet in need of a facelift, or you are a manufacturer of commercial vehicles, the way your vehicles look reflect the way you do business. Create a great reflection of your business by letting the professionals at Quality Paint & Coatings handle your commercial and industrial painting needs.

QPC has serviced commercial vehicles for over 30 years, providing regional customers with top quality coatings and class “A” finishes to meet their styling intent. With the fewest possible surface defects, we deliver products and parts with consistent color and gloss, meeting our customer’s specifications and requirements. It’s quality that can be seen, touched and felt.


The experienced team at QPC starts with proper surface cleaning and pretreatment, ​QPC is equipped with industrial strength powerwashers and large industrial blasting bays to remove all unwanted layers and corrosion. This provides excellent adhesion to the commercial vehicle and component surfaces. 


After the pretreatment is finished it is followed by top-quality primers which provide: 

  • Optimum Corrosion Protection

  • Excellent Adhesion 

  • Smooth Finishes


The prepared surfaces are then topped with polyurethane coatings, the #1 choice for commercial vehicles. Resulting in a beautiful finish,  these vehicle coatings have exceptional weather resistant characteristics which provide years of optimum appearance and performance. Being resistant to dust, dirt, chemicals and solvents, the smooth, durable, polyurethane coating utilized by QPC is used in virtually all industrial markets.

Other Services

QPC can also service your industrial needs from repainting your fleet, to refurbishing and coating your specialized industrial equipment such as tanks, conveyors and storage containers.  Our team can also come to your location and paint on-site if needed.

QPC handles refurbishment of commercial vehicles from cement mixers to waste management vehicles in various areas.

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