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Military Paint and Coatings

Quality Paint & Coatings is proud to support our Armed Forces, and to be a part of the team that provides our troops with state-of-the-art equipment that saves lives, defends our country and looks sharp. We supply integral coatings on parts and vehicles for America's warfighters that they can rely on no matter what part of the world the conflict may take them.

Applying tough, protective finishes for military equipment is an integral part of what we do at QPC.  
From components to whole vehicles, total in-house finishing as well as “rescuing” finishes that were poorly applied at other shops, QPC is positioned to do military finishing of almost any nature, including very specialized coatings. We also have direct shipping capabilities for simplified logistics and worry free delivery.

Mil Spec Capabilities

QPC specializes in the application of essential protective materials for military equipment. These coatings are in compliance with Military Specifications (MIL SPEC) for coating.

Using today’s advanced technologies, these applications are a major portion of QPC’s production. These applications are approved by manufacturers who supply equipment directly to our military forces.​ 

Our processes adheres to the military specifications as required for pretreatment and paint. 

Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) at QPC's Shipping/Receiving office

Transit Rust Prevention

QPC ensures our military fleet gets where it needs to go without any rust or corrosion. We use Carwell which was originally created for vehicle rust prevention while shipping overseas. This application is simple and easy and can be easily incorporated into your maintenance program at your operation regardless of fleet size, facility size or location. 

HEMTT having carwell coating applied

CARC Painting

QPC uses a CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating) paint. CARC is a low gloss version of polyurethane paint which minimizes visual detection due to glare or reflection from the sun. CARC also aids in resisting the absorption of chemical warfare agents. These coatings provide the standard characteristics of any protective finish against corrosion resistance, fade resistance and weather resistance and also have exceptional durability.

Military axles in the shop yard after being paited CARC tan


We offer sub-assembly after paint for direct-shipping capabilities which saves you money on the bottom line


Our Technical Services team is also ready for assembly/disassembly projects which includes large equipment. We have the tooling for very large projects such as our 22-ton crane and our two 10-ton cranes. QPC is certified for armor plating and our welders are certified according to D1.1 2015. Our tooling capabilities along with our experienced and certified welding team will make sure your assembly/disassembly will be completed professionally and efficiently. 

Welder assembling a struture

Storage and Warehousing

QPC is a 12-acre facility which is completely fenced-in and gated for security and privacy according to government regulations. We have space for storage and easy accessability for military vehicles and equipment. We also have environment controlled cold storage buildings for whatever your storage needs may be. 

Military vehicles stored on QPC's facility
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