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Painting and Coating

Our name describes our service

Utilizing the latest painting and coating equipment, our QPC experienced team strives for excellence in each completed project. Painting and coating is what we do best. We have 11 paint booths of different design and specialty for every kind of paint and coating project we might encounter. Our facility capabilities and our professionally trained and certified painting and coatings specialists guarantee an end result you'll be satisfied with, because Class 'A' isn't just a finish, it's the way we do business. 

Guaranteed to give you the best finished product possible in the most efficient manner. 

Paint Booths

  • 9 Spray booths capable of handling everything from small components to large vehicles

    • 4 specialized spray booths with drive over down-draft pits​

      • Two 65'L x 25'W​ x 25'H (Part size window: 65'L x 16'W x 16' H)

      • Two 45'L x 16'W​ x 18'H (Part size window: 45'L x 14'W x 16' H)

    • 1 end draft booth ​45'L x 16'W​ x 18'H (Part size window: 45'L x 14'W x 16' H)

    • 2 side draft booths 30'L x 16'W​ x 16'H (Part size window: 30'L x 14'W x 16' H)

    • 1 down draft booth 30'L x 16'W​ x 16'H (Part size window: 30'L x 14'W x 16' H)

    • 1 touch up and final inspection booth

One of QPC's downdraft paint booths

Paint Delivery System

Equipped with air-assisted airless sprayers, QPC offers a top-of-the-line, controlled paint delivery system (supported by GRACO), resulting in excellent adhesion and uniform coating. 

Coating specialist spraying a mud dog truck from a ladder

Paint Curing

Quality Paint & Coatings has 5 ovens that can reach up to 275°. Large bake ovens provide quick and consistent drying of parts, free from impurities. 

  • 5 ovens for ​efficient drying of paint 

    • 3 Large scale ovens​

    • 2 Paint line ovens 

Commercial components in the curing oven

Coating Capabilities

Quality Paint & Coatings offers a wide variety of painting and specialty coatings. Whether your COMMERCIAL fleet needs a face-lift or you need a SPECIALTY COATING for a specific purpose, QPC has a wide variety of CAPABILITIES and can accommodate more coating types based on your needs. 

Coating specialists spraying parts on the paintline
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