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Storage and Warehousing

Our name describes our service

QPC is a completely fenced-in and gated 12-acre facility for security and privacy according to government regulations. We have space for storage and easy accessibility for military vehicles and equipment. We also have environment controlled cold storage buildings for whatever your storage needs may be.

Guaranteed to give you the best finished product possible in the most efficient manner. 

Secured Facility 

QPC's ​12-acre facility is completely fenced in and gated according to government regulations. This not only qualifies us to store your vehicles and components by government standards but also gives you peace of mind knowing your equipment is safe and secure. 

Drone picture of QPC's 12-acre facility

Outdoor Storage

QPC has 12 acres to store vehicles and components in a neat and organized manner. 

Military JLTV hoods stored in the QPC shop yard after being painted CARC tan

Cold Storage Warehousing

QPC has ​climate controlled cold storage warehousing to ensure that your parts and components are kept safe, secure and free from corrosion.

Material hadler checking labels in QPC's warehouse
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