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At Quality Paint and Coatings we pride ourselves at finding specialty coating solutions for your problems. For 30 years we have developed coating solutions for industries across the globe through innovative technology, special tooling and advanced application equipment. When people have specialty coating needs, they contact QPC and we deliver. Contact us today and we will find the solution to all your coating needs. We are here to help you solve problems. 

QPC is the world's #1 BattleJacket® Applicator!

On fuel tanks, QPC applies BattleJacket, ​H.I.T.'s (High-Impact-Technology's) self-sealing coating. BattleJacket’s inner, outer and middle layers work together as a system to stop fuel leakage due to ballistic penetration. It helps to prevent accidental combustion and fires caused by fuel drainage. Widely used on military tankers and other vehicles, BattleJacket increases the safety of those in its vicinity and protects the military vehicle and its contents other .

A modified epoxy binder filled with thermally active materials that form cooling gases when exposed to temperature in excess of 350°. This high-heat resistant coating can withstand constant temperatures over 1000° and blasts up to 5000°. This coating can be used for both military and commercial application. 

AEROPRIME is the trade name for Hentzen's Aerospace High Performance Primers. This product is a two
component, corrosion and Skydrol resistant epoxy primer that is qualified to MEP 10-059 Type II, and exceeds the performance requirements of BMS 10-11, Type I, Class A, Grade B primer specification.

Rhino Extreme coating offers great chemical and corrosion resistance as well as superior impact resistance to withstand those heavy loads. It's an industrial lining for tough application spray conditions such as:

  • Outdoor application sites where water, humidity or low temperature conditions exist and are tough to eliminate

  • Floor and wall protection in industries such as food processing, food storage, veterinary, production area and laboratories

  • Secondary containment as a monolithic, impermeable lining for industrial plant, agriculture, and petrochemical applications.

The U.S. Army has proven that carwell slows or virtually STOPS corrosion! Carwell is a rust preventative application. Originally created for vehicle rust prevention while shipping overseas. QPC is one of few certified applicators. Application is simple and easy and can be easily incorporated into your maintenance program at your operation regardless of fleet size, facility size or location.  


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For almost 30 years, QPC has offered quality-assured, full-scale solutions for every painting opportunity. With applications ranging from complete systems to product lines with component parts, QPC maintains the highest level of quality and service available.


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