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Welding and Assembly

Our name describes our service

The Technology Services Team can also provide services usually not associated with a coating facility. One of these services is our professional and certified welding team - ready to accomplish any project.

Guaranteed to give you the best finished product possible in the most efficient manner. 


Quality Paint & Coatings is able to fabricate your project from raw metal to finished product.

Our AWS 5.18 certified welders are ready to work with many metals including irons and steels, stainless steel, and aluminum.  

Great care is used to bring your project to fruition.

QPC's welder working on building a structure


Our Technical Services team is also ready for assembly/disassembly projects which includes large equipment. We have the tooling for very large projects such as our 22-ton crane and our two 10-ton cranes.


QPC is certified for armor plating and our welders are certified according to D1.1 2015. Our tooling capabilities along with our experienced and certified welding team will make sure your assembly/disassembly will be completed professionally and efficiently. 

A QPC welder works on constructing their paintline
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