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Painting Services


Whether media-blasting and cleaning parts, or applying primer and top coating finishes, QPC continues to live up to our company motto: "Our Name Describes Our Service". Throughout each of the processes (washing, blasting, dipping, priming & coating), our team is there to ensure excellent results and complete customer satisfaction. State-of-the-art equipment assists our team in producing top-quality finishes.

Military Trailer in a large media blast bay

Surface Cleaning Systems

Large bays provide the needed space to accommodate commercial and military vehicles, facilitating the team’s ability to completely clean and prepare projects for the coating processes.

7 stage steel immersion system tanks


Large dipping tanks with phosphate (for steel parts) and trivalent chromium (for aluminum parts) aid in the addition of corrosion resistant pretreatment.

Coating specialist spraying a component on the paintline

Painting and Coating

Equipped with air-assisted airless sprayers, QPC offers a top-of-the-line, controlled paint delivery system, resulting in excellent adhesion and uniform coating.

Material handler checkin labels inside QPC's warehouse

Storage and Warehousing

QPC is a completely fenced-in and gated 12-acre facility for security and privacy according to government regulations. We have space for storage and easy accessibility for military vehicles and equipment. We also have environment controlled cold storage buildings for whatever your storage requirements may be. 

Welding a structure

Welding and Assembly

Quality Paint & Coatings is able to fabricate your project from raw metal to finished product. Our AWS 5.18 certified welders are ready to work with many metals including irons and steels, stainless steel, and aluminum.  ​Great care is used to bring your project to fruition.

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