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Large Industrial Paint Line

Turning capabilities into deliverables.

QPC's Industrial 700 foot paintline is a one of a kind production machine. With each hook capable of holding 2-tons there's no part it can't handle. It's state-of-the-art wet application spray booth and high-tech curing process ensure that your parts are completed to your specifications and on schedule.  

Guaranteed to give you the best finished product possible in the most efficient manner. 

  • A 750 foot 16" conveyor line

  • Part Size Window: 8' L x 3'6" W x 5'4" H 

  • Weight capability of over 300 tons per cycle. 

  • Capable of speeds from 1 to 16 feet per minute. 

  • Turn around Time: 1 and a half hours per cycle 


Lead time possibility is hours NOT days

Large Industrial paint line with parts hanging on it
  • High heat curing oven has a max temperature of 325°F to efficiently cure the coating 

  • Forced Cool Down allows parts to be completed and packaged in a more efficient way for fastest turn around possible

Parts going into the baking over for a quicker cure of the paint
  • The paint line is equipped with a state-of-the-art wet application spray booth with conventional, air-assist airless and electronic spray equipment for all your primer and top coat requirements.

  • Multiple spray systems for zero down time during color change and minimal waste of product which equates to efficient throughput

Coatings specialist inside the Large Industrial Paint Line Spray booth